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The FSC Foundation provides financial support for programs that help the educationally disadvantaged.

About FSC Foundation

The De La Salle Christian Brothers are delighted that the FSC Foundation was able to resume making annual grants in 2016. Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) remains the Foundation’s primary benefactor.

The Foundation is grateful to CBIS for its generous support.

The FSC Foundation (A title taken from the three first letters of Fratres Scholarum Christianarum - Brothers of the Christian Schools) was established by seven provinces of the De La Salle Christian Brothers in the United States together with Manhattan College (N.Y.). Resources of the Foundation are provided by CBIS – the company has committed, since its founding, a significant portion of its profits to be used to support and advance educational services for the poor, especially victims of systemic injustice.

About Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS)
CBIS is a global investment management firm that has been a trusted partner for Catholic institutions and their consultants worldwide for over four decades. The firm manages more than $11 billion (as of March 31, 2024) across a broad range of Catholic organizations, including dioceses, schools, hospitals, and religious institutes. Specializing in Catholic Responsible Investing, a distinct investment approach that combines research-driven stock screening with active ownership, CBIS helps Catholic organizations align their investments with Catholic beliefs. Using Catholic Responsible Investing as an overlay, CBIS actively blends complementary institutional managers to sub-advise its diverse investment strategies. CBIS is a Registered Investment Advisor owned by the De La Salle Christian Brothers in the United States and the Center of the Institute in Rome. Headquartered in Chicago, CBIS also has an office in the Generalate of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Rome.

The FSC Foundation invites proposals to initiate and/or support educational projects which will serve the poor, the handicapped, and others victimized by society. It hopes that ultimately such projects will become self-reliant and their participants will be enabled to help themselves.

This is the principal goal of the foundation. It represents yet another effort to continue and expand the three-hundred-year-old Lasallian tradition of serving the poor through education, extending the caring vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle into the future.

Funding Approval Criteria
Through a clear, concise and objective presentation the application should show how the project:

  • Reflects the philosophy and objectives of the FSC Foundation.
  • Can achieve the specific goals and objectives envisioned in the service(s) to be offered.
  • Evidences the need for financial support while it documents requests from other funding sources.
  • Explains that there is an administrative or organizational structure, adequate for the success of the project.
  • Involves the project’s participants in planning and implementing it.
  • Includes the possibility of replication by other individuals or groups.
  • Attempts to network with other fitting agencies, groups, businesses, etc., in the delivery of services.
  • Will expand the Grant funds being requested and describe briefly its methods of financial record keeping and reporting.
  • Envisions the time frame for initiation and duration of services, and the process of evaluating its success in achieving stated goals.

Philosophy and Objectives
The FSC Foundation has been established to promote and support educational services directed to the poor and disadvantaged.

The FSC Foundation seeks to discover and support "new and adapted forms of education for those poor who are most neglected."

The FSC Foundation hopes to encourage and energize through financial assistance organizations which wish to accept the challenge to assist the poor and marginalized in our societies by providing effective educational services for them.

Project Parameter Guidelines
The FSC Foundation will support educational activities, projects and services that attempt to respond creatively to the needs of these poor and/or handicapped in the following ways:

  • Structured educational training centers, such as schools, community service centers, vocational training centers, etc.
  • Alternative educational services such as training for independent living, counseling and personal support services, family training and employment skills training, etc.
  • Making small grants not to exceed $4,000.
  • Making grants to help projects get started.

The FSC Foundation will accept proposals from organizations that are in accordance with its philosophy and objectives, and that are in compliance with its guidelines. The FSC Foundation will not consider:

  • Making grants for ongoing salaries, and administrative expenses, tuition scholarships or endowments
  • A proposal for a project that received FSC Foundation funding within the past three years
  • Multiple proposals from the same organization within the same year. Applicants are asked to limit themselves to one proposal per year.
  • Proposals for capital campaigns

Board of Directors
Brother Johnathon Emanuelson, FSC
Chairman of the Board
Minneapolis, MN

Brother Thomas Hetland, FSC
Chicago, IL

Sister Margaret Dempsey, RSM
Brooklyn, NY

Brother John Montgomery, FSC
Los Angeles, CA

Sister Barbara Nelson, IBVM
Wheaton, IL

Sister Karen Nykiel, OSB
Lisle, IL

Brother Raymond Papenfuss, CSC
Notre Dame, IN

2024 Welcome Letter

Dear Applicant,
Through the continuing generosity of Christian Brothers Investment Services, the FSC Foundation is again able to invite applications for its Foundation Grants Program. Although the Foundation's funding is limited, the impact of the many grants made since its beginning has been very significant.

The FSC Foundation makes grants only to Roman Catholic organizations, and primarily to those who are clients of Christian Brothers Investment Services.

In addition to the guidelines stated in the "About Us" section of our website applicants will adhere to the following:

  • Proposals must have an educational orientation.
  • Proposals must be submitted by August 31, 2024. NO PROPOSALS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.
  • The FSC Grant Application Form is an on-line form and must be used to apply for funding. Please limit your application to the space provided on the form. There is no way to submit additional supplementary material and it will not be reviewed.
  • It is necessary for a Foreign Catholic applicant to secure a United States Catholic organization to act as its fiscal agent and follow the procedure outlined in the application form. The fiscal agent must be listed in the Official Catholic Directory of the United States.

We suggest that, when writing your application, you first download the fillable-form Word document on the website, enter your text into the Word document, and then copy and paste entries to the online application. This is a safeguard in case there is an error in the on-line submitting process. You will have all your information in a saved Word document as a backup and will not need to retype everything.

Board decisions will be made in November, 2024. Decisions referring to each applicant will be sent prior to January 31, 2025. Affirmative decisions will be accompanied by grant funds.

Grants will be limited to $4,000 or less. Applicants are urged to specify the exact amount requested and to indicate the specific use of the funding.

Br. Johnathon W. Emanuelson, FSC
Brother Johnathon Emanuelson, FSC
Chairman, Board of Directors

Grants by the FSC Foundation in 2023.

In 2023 the FSC Foundation distributed $149,900 in small assistance units to 52 recipients. Twenty-four were for programs in the United States, while 28 were for programs conducted overseas. They are as follows:

  • Tech space for unhoused and extremely low-income individuals- Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • The Nurturing Place- Jersey City, NJ, United States
  • La Salle Academy- cafeteria enhancements- New York, NY, United States
  • Special needs service and materials- San Diego, CA, United States
  • Offering access to English language tutoring through online learning- Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
  • New retreat center beautification- Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Post-permanency support program: educational/tutoring support for youth who exit foster care- Syosset, NY, United States
  • Providing lunch hall to sit and eat for the rural poor and destitute children and youth of St. La Salle School- Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India
  • Twin Cities LEAD at Dunrovin Marine on Saint Croix- MN, United States
  • Community unity initiative- New York City, New York, United States
  • Defibrillator machine and CPR training- Tulsa, OK, United States
  • Training, housing, feeding, and transportation of student volunteer workers for deaf camp at Marist Brothers Center at Esopus-Mid-Hudson Valley Camp- Esopus, New York, United States
  • Textbook and classroom materials- St Michaels, AZ, United States
  • Ongoing educational and skill building services for immigrants- Chicago, IL, United States
  • Fueling Curiosity and Innovation: a faith-infused STEAM odyssey at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School- Deer Park, NY, United States
  • Staff professional development- Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Purchase of 72 soft-covered science books for student academic success- Providence, Rhode Island, United States
  • Retreat mission fund- Plano, IL, United States
  • John XXIII Educational Center: A Ministry of St. Patrick's Parish- Racine, WI, United States
  • Chromebooks for ESL/GED classes for immigrant women- Chicago, IL, United States
  • Increasing English language literacy for immigrant women- Wyandanch, New York, United States
  • Congolese Crosier Fathers' sewing and literacy training center support- Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Nazareth Prep High School- Pittsburgh, PA, United States
  • After School Enrichment Program- Santa Ana, California, United States
  • Computer Literacy for Hispanic Immigrant Women Leaders- Penitas, TX, United States
  • Educational math and science materials for primary school students- Lisle, IL, United States of America
  • Al Younbouh: equipment to professionalize the kitchen for culinary training- Lebanon
  • 2023-2024 Guatemala textbook program- Guatemala
  • Integrating educational activities of Ukrainian refugee children- Raciborz, Poland
  • New desks and bathroom renovations- St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School in Liberia, West Africa
  • Equipping La Salle Primary School, Naka, computer laboratory- Naka, Benue State, Nigeria
  • Visual teaching aids for nurse skills training- Lukulu, Western Province, Zambia
  • Renovation of three early childhood development (ECD) Classrooms at De Paul Catholic School, Kamulu- Nairobi, Kenya
  • Acquisition of modern tailoring and sewing machines for skills training of youth and religious sisters to cater for the needs of the disabled and vulnerable people in Nalukolongo- Kampala, Nalukolongo, Uganda
  • Flourishing educational standards of underprivileged children of St.Philomena Elementary School, Salem- Tamilnadu, India
  • Skills for life and employment for young people- Myitkyina, Kachin, Myanmar
  • Educational opportunities for rural girl children library facilities- Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Construction of a classroom block building for St. Monica Education Centre- Tongaren Parish, Kenya
  • Education of the hostel girls, Maputo- Maputo, Mozambique
  • Reading Our Values- Zambia
  • Purchase of 250 school benches for nursery and primary schools, Limbe District Managerial Area, Diocese of Buea- Cameroon
  • Installation of solar energy for sewing training centre - Lagos, Nigeria
  • The St. Catherine of Sienna afterschool program and annual summer camp- El Salvador
  • St. Bernadette Centers- Peru
  • Purchase of furniture in form of classroom desks and teachers’ tables for St. Charles Lwanga Kabendera Primary School- Masaka, Uganda
  • Educate the Children- San Pablo Apostle Church, Manila, Philippines
  • Computer lab facilities for St. Mary’s Junior School, Alikadom, Bandarban- Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Towards bringing secondary education in a context of extreme violence- Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Solar lighting for the orphanage boarding school- Oshakati, Oshana Region, Namibia
  • Promotion of higher education of rural children- Kokrajhar, Assam, India
  • Computer lab facilities and book aid for Mother Teresa Charity School- Dinajpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • School funding project- Prestea, western region, Ghana

The funds for the Foundation come from Christian Brothers Investment Services. Since 1988, the Foundation has distributed $4,253,545 in 1,665 grants selected from among 4,669 applications.

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(Application due date: August 31, 2024.)

(Foreign organizations need a Catholic fiscal agent organization in the USA. See section 14. The FSC Foundation limits its grants this year – no more than five grants to organizations in any one foreign country, and no more than two foreign grants going through any one fiscal agent.)
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The funding we request will be used at a Catholic educational ministry
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If you are a Foreign Catholic organization, please let your sponsor know that, if we are able to fund your application, we will first ask your United States sponsor organization to send us a brief letter explaining its relationship to your organization.

FSC Foundation
27 Grove St.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
E: fsc-foundation@cbmidwest.org

Please do not submit any supplementary material. Supplementary material will not be reviewed.

Thank you.

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